The following is what a typical day at Cycling Schools would look like. Times are approximate and stops may vary depending on student interest.

9:00AM to 9:30AM

Bus arrives. Students leave bus and gather for a briefing where volunteers explain what the students can expect to see and do. This is followed by a Bike Safety discussion. Then students are separated into groups of 6 or 7. Each group is assigned 2 or 3 volunteers who will be their leaders.

9:30AM to 10:30AM:

Volunteers take their groups and introduce them to their bicycles. Each student is fitted with a helmet, a bike and a banana. Bike seats are adjusted for each rider.
Bikes in line for start
Clothing is checked to insure pants and shoelaces will not get caught in the bike chain and students are encouraged to eat their banana. Students are checked to make sure they are comfortable with the bike and know how to use a coaster brake. Any students not sure of their riding ability are given special attention. Volunteers discuss the meaning of hand signals for riding in a group, how to maintain enough space between riders and to keep in single file on the right side of the path. Then the ride begins.

10:30 AM to 12:00Pm:

Walking bikes
Groups walk their bikes from the Hub area to the beginning of the trail. At this point half of the groups will ride North on the TowPath and half will ride South.

Northbound on TowPath
Stop at Red Lock - this lock is a good site for finding frogs and snakes. Stop at Station Road Bridge - rest stop. Also has pond that may have muskrats and herons. Pass under Route 82 High Level Bridge. In the Spring there is an opportunity to see fledgling bald eagles in their nest through a telescope.
Bald Eagle's Nest
Turn around and head back South. Stop at Pinery Dam. Return to Hub.

Southbound on TowPath
Ride under high level I-80 and I-271 bridges and watch for turtles and Blue Herons. Cross over Stumpy Basin swamp on mile long wooden deck - watch for wildlife. Stop at Lonesome Lock - Lock 31. Pass through tunnel under railroad tracks - Loud shouting permitted. Stop at tree dam on "Crooked River". Stop at Canal Aqueduct in Peninsula - rest stop. Continue on to Deep Lock Quarry. Pass through tunnel under railroad tracks - Shouting permitted. Stop at Hunt House/Szalay's Farm - rest stop. Turn around and head back.
Boston Store
Stop at Boston Store and Museum. - rest stop. Return to Hub.

12:00PM to 12:30Pm:

Eat lunch and relax.

12:30Pm to 2:00 PM:

Head out for second part of ride. Groups that went North in the morning now head South and vice versa.

2:00PM to 3:00PM:

Wipe off bikes and return bikes to Hub.
Return helmets to bins.
Wind down and say goodbye to volunteers.
Good Bye before boarding bus
Board Bus!