A Day in the Park trip presents several areas of educational study for the students that could be used in class time preparation.

Ranger Visits

One easy way to prepare for your trip is to schedule a ranger to visit your school. The ranger will explore the scope of America's National Parks through interactive games and activities. Then students will learn about the Cuyahoga Valley National Park before they discover it biking along the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail. The presite visit talk will be about 30 - 40 minutes.


The history of the Ohio and Erie Canal can be seen throughout the trip from the many remains of the lock system to the pictures and artifacts that can be seen in the Boston Store Museum. Information on the Canal history as it relates to the National Park can be found here:


History of Boston Township can be found here:

Boston Township History

and the "Hell Town"/ghost town stories that flourished about Boston Township can be found here:

Hell Town, Ohio

History of Peninsula and the Peninsula "Python" can be found here:

Peninsula Python Day


Ecology and conservation are other areas of study for students with in the Park. The following website has information about the Park ecosystems and answers to frequently asked questions. It also has links to student friendly information about the plants and animals found in the park.

Exploring Park Ecosystems

For instance cleaning up of the Cuyahoga River involves areas of the river that are included in our trip. The Pinery Dam just North of Station Road is slated for demolition to enhance the flow of water to the lower part of the river toward Cleveland. At various points of the river the effects of erosion and the deposit of silt in the river are evident. Our volunteers always appreciate it when students show interest and knowledge of the Park and its history.
On the Trail

Cycling Schools requires that all students participating sign our "Cycling Schools Safety Pledge" (copy Here) which explains what we expect from them.
We also require that each student have a signed "Permission Slip" (copy Here ).
If there are students that have allergies or asthma or other medical conditions that require that the students have medication with them, please advise our volunteers when you arrive. We suggest that the medications be left with the leader of the group in which the student is riding.
If there are students that may have problems with riding a bike let us know before hand and we can make special arrangements for them.
We have no control over weather conditions at the time of the ride. It can be chilly in the morning when we start the ride, so we ask that the students bring along appropriate clothing to keep them warm. We would rather have students take off jackets later than have them too cold to start.
Almost Ready